Enova's Social Club

The new free networking service bewteen visitors!

The ENOVA SOCIAL CLUB is a free networking service between visitors. It will allow you, during your visit to the exhbitiion, to meet visitors that do the same job as you do, for example, in other sectors of activity, in order to exchange on common issues.  

ENOVA SOCIAL CLUB facilites the organization of your appointments with your counterparts registred at the exhibition through a simple, rapide and convivial social plateform. It offers a dedicated meeting space at the exhibition and the possibility to book a table for your interviews.

5 minutes are sufficient to start your networking :

1/ Online registration*
Pre-register yourself by creating YOUR BADGE
As soon as your registration is completed, you will receive a personnalized link allowing you to connect yourself to the Enova's Social Club platform.

2/ Realize your appointments requests
Consult, select and solicit among your counterparts, the interlocutors you would  like to meet, with the option to motivate your appointments requests.

3 Validate the solications received 
Each participant has, as well as you do, the possibility to ask you for an appointment; you accept or decline their request.    

4/ Organize your appointments schedule

If the requests of connnections are accepted, the contacts details between the counterparts are exchanged. Therefore, you will be able to plan together a meeting on the Exihibition ENOVA within the dedicated Club space (possibility to book, free of charge, a table for your interviews).


*Registration and service strictly reserved to the exhibition visitors. The organizer reserves the right to refuse a registration.